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WHAT TO EXPECT when you schedule your Session

When you schedule your Portrait Session, we will set up a time for our Initial Consultation.  We can meet over the phone or you can come to the Studio for a few minutes to chat about your Session.  We will discuss wardrobe, backgrounds, props, location, and get to know each other a bit!  We will also go over pricing, what to expect during and after your Session, and your ideas and plans for your Portraits.  We will schedule your In-Person Viewing and Sales Session for a date around 14 days after your Portrait Session.

When you come for your Session, we will start promptly!  You should try to arrive at your Session a few minutes early just in case we need to do any paperwork, or if you need to change clothes.  It will be fun, relaxed, and stress-free!  Your Session will end at the scheduled time, and you can enjoy the rest of your day!

When you come to your In-Person Viewing and Sales Session, you’ll get to see your beautiful Image Portfolio!  Please bring all decision makers with you because this will be the time to make decisions!  We will talk about your plan for your Portraits, and you will select the Portraits and Products that fulfill your plan.  You will place your order, arrange payment and discuss any additional editing that you might desire.  When your order is complete and has arrived at Scarletfish Studios, you will be contacted to pick up your beautiful Portraits!


WARDROBE TIPS for Stylish Sessions


The more time you allow for wardrobe planning, the better you will feel!  Waiting until the last minute ensures that you will be stressed, panicked and limited in your options.  Give yourself plenty of time to get things together, and discuss it with your Photographer! Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration as well.


Faces should be the focal point of a great Portrait, not the clothing, but what you wear is so important!  You don’t have to be matchy-matchy to get a fabulous Family Portrait, but coordination is key.  Decide on a color scheme and build your Portrait wardrobe around those colors. Keep styles simple, similar, classic, comfortable and flattering.


Do you like bright colors?  Neutrals?  Since these beautiful works of art will be hanging on your walls, if you would like them to coordinate with your colors keep them in mind.


Try to avoid busy prints, stripes and patterns if possible.  They take the focus off your family!

Neon colors should be avoided.  They create a reflected color cast on the skin that is difficult to correct.  This includes neon red, pink, orange, blue, green and yellow.


Mixing textures into your wardrobe can be a beautiful addition to the Session palate.   Scarves, belts, hats, ties – these can all look great and add a special touch to the look.  Textured fabrics, lace and shimmer also add interest.  Avoid flat shiny fabrics however, as they can be unflattering.


Studio Sessions have a variety of backdrops available. Coordinating your wardrobe to either compliment the backdrop or directly contrast it will ensure a beautiful, cohesive Portrait!


Are you going to be on the beach or surrounded by trees?  Sometimes you can choose what you will wear to accent the location around you.  Natural colors – dark greens, golds, browns and reds look great under the Oaks, while a softer palate of pastels and ivory accent the beach in the morning.  Shooting at sunset?  Try black, navy or maroon.


If the kiddos aren’t happy, nobody’s happy! Make sure to keep comfort levels in mind.  Clothes should fit well, not be itchy, not too tight, and not too cold or hot.  Bring some water along just in case someone gets thirsty, and puffs for hungry toddlers that need a snack.


You are welcome to bring any wrinkle sensitive items with you in a garment bag and change before your Session begins. (Please arrive early.) Wrinkles can really throw a wrench into your Portraits!  Make sure clothing is clean and pressed for your Session.  Wrinkle removal is not standard retouching so if clothing is mussed you may incur an additional Photoshop charge to fix it.  Make sure clothing is lint and pet-hair free as well.


MORE TIPS to help your Session shine!


Make sure hair is fixed, makeup is done and fresh (bring brush and makeup for touch-ups), little faces are clean and nails are nice and pretty.  Dads need to pay special attention to eyebrows, ears and noses.  Remove temporary tattoos unless you would like them included in your Portraits. Avoid colored juices and snacks prior to the Session, and please keep all food and drink (except water and puffs for toddlers) put away during the Session.


Sometimes emotion takes control, and there may be brief periods of unhappiness during your Session if you have little people included.  This is OK! Usually a brief break is all that’s needed to get things back on track.  The MOST important thing is for Mom and Dad to stay calm and keep the atmosphere positive.  Threats of punishment do not bring the smiles and laughter that we are looking for, so if we need a minute to cool things down, then we take one. No worries!

One more tip:  Make sure little folks have napped, eaten, and are feeling well so they can enjoy their time too.  Pre-planning is key!


Your Portrait Session should be FUN! It’s one hour where you get to shine, and capture this moment in time forever!  Relax and enjoy the experience.  Let me worry about getting the good shots, getting the smiles, and tell the silly jokes.  Let the kiddos be themselves, practice your dazzling smiles, and have a great time!