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Newborns!  So sweet and new - and that are only this tiny for a few precious days!  

Consultations:  A free consultation is required prior to booking so that we can meet, chat, go over everything and decide what props and sets to use.   If you are on bed rest and can not come in, we can speak on the phone about everything as well.  We will start to shape your session and talk about how you will display your beautiful portraits when the experience is complete!

Inspiration:  I always ask my new moms to look to Pinterest for inspiration, and forward me some examples of styles of newborn photos that you love so we can shape the session in those styles. 

Props: I have a large array of props (bowls, boxes, wraps, blankets, clothing, etc) and backdrops to compliment any color scheme! You may also bring props that are meaningful to you or that match a certain style of photo you have seen. We can discuss them during your consultation. Color scheme is also important, and I ask that you give me an idea of the types of colors you would like in the photo to match the baby's room or your home.

Preparation: Newborns are so sweet and special, but they do have special needs to keep them photo-ready. First, keep baby awake as long as possible before the session.  3-4 hours is ideal so they will be really sleepy for us!  Stimulate your baby with a warm bath and interaction to keep him or her awake and you may feed when you arrive for that nice full tummy.  Please come prepared with bottles (you are also welcome to breastfeed here) and wipes/diapers, gas medicine, and burp cloths. Bring the baby undressed in only a diaper so we don't cause stress by undressing. If there is a special musical toy that you have, you can bring that as well to soothe him or her to sleep. If you are trimming his or her nails at this time, please trim them 2 days prior to the session to prevent scratching of the skin prior to the session.  Skin imperfections or discolorations will be retouched however, and if the umbilical cord is still visible, that is OK.  If your newborn is ill on the day of your session, please call to reschedule.  Babies and children do not photograph well when they don’t feel good, and I want your experience to be perfect!  There is no penalty for rescheduling due to illness, so if your baby is not well, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Age: Typically, a newborn shoot is best done in the first 7-10 days of life, so they can curl up on their tummy and snooze. If they are older than 10 days, posing options are more limited, but I can get great shots no matter the age of your newborn.

Siblings: Parents and siblings are always welcome in the session, but since newborns are easily stressed and need to be kept in a soothing environment, it is recommended that siblings join the session at the beginning so they can leave the session after their portraits are complete.  Since the addition of Siblings adds extra time to the session, there is an extra fee for them.

Wardrobe:  Newborns look best with no clothing, or in just a diaper cover. Headbands and other accessories are welcome, and I have plenty here as well.  We will decide together what the final ensembles will be. If you do have a special dress or outfit that is meaningful, you are welcome to bring it, but typically these tiny babies look best without.  If anyone besides baby will be included, please discuss wardrobe options at your consultation so that we can coordinate the set to compliment everyone.

After the Session:  You will come in for your In-Person Viewing and Sales Session and view your amazing Image Portfolio!  Bring a tissue as your heart-strings will be stretched to the limit.  We will go over your baby's portraits one by one, and you will choose your beautiful art to display in your home.